Racing Award



Racing is a fun and satisfying way to test your skills and compete with other skiers of the same age. All the training has prepared the skier to enjoy the sport of cross country skiing and racing is another component that is introduced at the Track Attack level.

Criteria for achieving the Racing award:

To deserve the Racing award, a skier must have participated in at least one competitive event (on snow). Examples of such events could be any of the official racing events on the regional or provincial calendars, a Racing Rocks! event, a loppet, etc.

At the clubs’ or coaches’ discretion, the following requirements may also be considered to award this prize:

  • Skier arrives on time for pre-race warm up
  • Skier has prepared/assists in preparing skis for race
  • Skier understand expectations of the race
  • Skier demonstrates good sportsmanship before, during, and after the race
  • Skier follows rules of the race and listens to course marshals
  • Skier participates in post-race cool down ski
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