Offset Award



Offset is the technique used to climb hills in skate skiing, when a skier’s speed is too slow to use the One skate technique efficiently . This technique should be practiced and assessed on gradual and increasingly steeper uphill terrain, as much as the strength of the skier permits.

Criteria for achieving the Offset award:

Below is the list of the most important skills and benchmarks that make up perfect execution of the Offset technique. L2T stage skiers are not yet expected to perform each of those skills perfectly, but they should be able to perform the technique well overall, ie with ease for a prolonged time.

The technique checklist below is meant to assist you in your assessment of your participants’ skill level. To deserve the award, a skier should be able to perform most skills autonomously and on a regular basis. Not more than two particular skills may necessitate corrective feedback from the coach in order for the skier to perform the skill adequately.


Evaluator Checklist for Offset can be found at:,-2014_.pdf.aspx

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