Off Trail Fun Award



The Off Trail Fun award is aimed at getting young skiers to participate in special activities that take them off groomed trails. The idea is to expose the skiers to the variety of ways in which to enjoy skiing in nature and to help them to think about terrain, safety and a bit of adventure.

Criteria for achieving the Off trail fun award:

To deserve the Off trail fun award, a skier must have participated in at least one skiing activity (on snow) that was mostly off groomed trails. Examples of such activities could be skiing on a ski playground with all kinds of features, backcountry skiing, a scavenger hunt around the ski lodge, etc.

At the clubs’ or coaches’ discretion, the following requirements may also be considered to award this prize:

  • Learned about winter safety (animals, natural hazards, cold, hunger/thirst) and safety measures on a ski playground

  • Learned what type of clothing was best for off trail skiing

  • Stayed together with the group, so to not get lost

  • Packed all the food that was brought and garbage out: no littering

  • Packed enough food and water for the activity

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