Skiing Often #4


The objective of this award is to encourage play-time on snow (including frequent use of a ski playground) in addition to practice sessions for the purpose of improving a skier’s balance, agility, fitness and rhythm – the key elements of good technique.
Award Rules: Skiers can earn one skill sticker per year, with the exception of the final year, in which case a bonus sticker can be earned. In order to achieve the sticker that says SNOW GOAL 1, skiers must ski at least five times (a minimum of one hour each) a season in addition to their Jackrabbit practice sessions. If they ski 10 times, they earn a sticker that says SNOW GOAL 2; 15 times, SNOW GOAL 3; and 20 times, SNOW GOAL 4. In order to earn the bonus sticker (SNOW GOAL 5), skiers must double the number of times they would ski to earn a SNOW GOAL 4 sticker during their fourth year in the program - for a grand total of 40 times on snow in addition to their Jackrabbit practice sessions. The highest achievement would be to earn four “SNOW GOAL 4” stickers and one “SNOW GOAL 5” sticker – one SNOW GOAL 4 sticker for each year the skier is enrolled in the program plus the bonus sticker.
  • The centre of each shaded circle records the skier’s score until a sticker has been earned, in which case the sticker will cover it.
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